Ace Rift Pledge

Hi we are very excited for your community to join us and take the Ace Rift Pledge!

Please agree to the following so we can get you listed on our communities page right away.

1: Do you and you’re community agree to accept people for who they are?

2: Do you and you’re community agree to be calm when trying to understand a bullying situation?

3: Do you and you’re community agree to take immediate action to stop bullying in your community?

4: Please state that you have read and understand this page on how to identify various forms of bullying: Facts About Bullying

5: Please state that you agree to provide people who are being bullied in your community with resources to immediately get help, we suggest: Get Help Now

Please answer YES to all the above and send us a link to your community with a logo or community image. We will list you on our website and send you the Ace Rift Seal to publish at your community.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to better our world!